The Perfect Way To Pass An InterView

1) Look smart & Create a good first impression ( smart clothes )

2) Know Your Subject

3) Looking to the interviewer in eye

4) Focus your questions to show that you fit the role they have described

5) Never try to pretend that you know something that you don't

6) Just answer the questions

7) Don't interrupt. and wait for the other person to finish speaking

8) Make notes whilst they are speaking if you are worried you'll forget your points by the time they have finished

9) Try to ensure the conversation is evenly balanced ( 50% - 50% between you & the interviewer )

10) Prepare your questions that provoke conversations about topics which you know a lot about

11) Avoid getting bogged down in deep technical discussions that do not give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills

12) Align your responses based on the interviewer. If they are non technical then don't bore them with deep technical information they know nothing about

13) Ask them about the business problem

14) Never discuss rates and hours with the interviewer unless you have personal commitments that they need to be aware of

15) Don't give the impression you know everything

16) Do some homework about the company before the interview
( quick hour search on internet will be okay )

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